In order to provide everyone with the most comfortable time in front of the lens, we have a few standard practices and guidelines we adhere to at every shoot:

Model Wrangler

We like to use what we call a Model Wrangler whenever possible.  A Model Wrangler is someone who acts as a liaison between our models and our photographers.  A Wrangler talks with the model before the shoot, offers advice on poses, keeps a broad picture outlook on the shoot while the photographers stick to their viewfinders.  Our photo shoots are a ton of fun, and a Model Wrangler is a great way to keep everyone focused!

Zero Contact Policy

In addition to using a Model Wrangler, we also have a Zero Contact policy.  No VMAD photographer or Wrangler is going to touch a model in any way unless we get verbal permission to do so ahead of time - every time.  If your hair is dipping into your eyes, or the fluff of a pillow is blocking a shot, we're not going to reach out and make any adjustments without you being comfortable with it.  Consent is a beautiful thing, and that means we need to honor it, before every adjustment.  It might be a bit labor-intensive or annoying at times, but in the end it means you're keeping control of your shoot.

Model Prep & Accessories

We know there's a lot of prep that goes into being a model, and even though we're not make-up artists or hairdressers, we know a few in the area that have done a remarkable job for us in the past.  The number of outfits or accessories/props a model chooses to use is completely up to the model.  If there's a specialty item, or accessory you're looking for, we probably already know how to get our hands on it, so feel free to ask!

VMAD photographers during a photo workshop.

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